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Accelerating your migrations to Azure

More businesses are moving to the cloud than ever before. However, eighty percent of IT resources are generally dedicated to keeping your datacenter running— it is difficult to find the time and budget to perform the migration quickly and reliably.

At aboutxtreme! we help to map customer’s journey to the cloud and remove anxiety from migrations. We use our proven five-steps framework and tested tools to migrate first and subsequent workload with a roadmap for discovery and optimization for running entire datacenter portfolio in Azure.



 One-day leadership briefing with our subject-matter experts – offering presentations and drill-downs on cloud efficiency and innovation

 Culminating the delivery of a clear and actionable picture of how Azure and our expertise can help you reach your business goals

 Introduction to Azure, value and benefits of solutions in action, through powerful demos and scenario conversations


Discover & Assess

 Appliance-based, agentless and non-intrusive discovery with cost estimate using performance-based sizing tools

 Get visibility with dependency mapping of applications, virtual machines, workloads, and data in the environment

 Migration assessment report based on specific configurations of customer’s own datacenter(s)



Onboarding & Governance

Infrastructure Modernization

Application Modernization

Data Platform Modernization



 Move selected or all workloads to Azure from a variety of sources including on-premise physical and virtualized servers

 Orchestrated one-click sequencing with remote health monitoring for VMs’ hosted on Hyper-V or VMware environments

 Fixed cost (per Server or VM) 24×7 global staff augmentation for production (automated or batch) cloud migrations



 Keep workloads secure, well-managed and optimized with greater visibility after Azure migration

 Use Cost Optimization tools to track visibility into resources, application and departmental costs while using right-sizing guidance to maximize the ROI

 Manage services to ensure peace of mind and let aboutxtreme team of experts manage customer ongoing operations