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Learning Services

As a Microsoft Certified Learning Partner we believe that every consultant is a trainer and has an obligation to share his real world experiences to make a more enriching experience for others to learn and grow. We offers a variety of delivery methods to bring our quality instruction to you regardless of your physical or virtual location. By questioning, listening and assessing your needs, we can build and deliver learning solutions to help support your business initiatives.

 Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) – We can offer complete MOC based learning experience taught by experienced Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT).

 MOC On-Demand –Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand (MOD) are complete courses in a self-paced format, hosted by Microsoft and streamed directly to you. The courses combine high-quality video, reading, hands-on labs, and knowledge checks to help IT Professionals and Developers build their Microsoft technology skills while allowing you to balance your schedule.

 Microsoft Software Assurance training vouchers (SATV) – For customers who have Enterprise Agreements, we allow customer to attend instructor-led technical workshops for FREE by redeeming their training vouchers.

 Training Calendar – Check out our published courses, with dates, detail information on topics and supplemental hands-on-labs. Don’t forget to inquire about our Learning Promotions on Emerging Technology Courses and Prepaid Training packages.

 Corporate Training Calendar

  Academic Training Calendar



Demonstration Labs

Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) – is a hands-on introduction to Windows and Office 365 that gives you an opportunity to experience powerful new productivity solutions for yourself.


The CIE is usually set up at a Microsoft or partner office location, a conference room in a hotel or onsite at the customer location. A trained facilitator leads customers to discover the right solutions for their business in an interactive, experiential and fun setting.

Microsoft’s Transform the Datacenter Immersion (TDI) – is a new in-person facilitated engagement that allows you to take your own journey in understanding the Cloud Operating System vision and how cloud computing can benefit you today. We will take you and your IT department through the three modules that cover envisioning what is possible, understanding why you should evolve to reap the benefits, and finally experiencing and validating what they have seen by interacting with the solutions in real time.


Unlike traditional product presentations and demos, Immersion puts a customer in the driver’s seat for a rich, interactive experience. a unique, risk-free opportunity to explore the Microsoft cloud platform through immersion in a story that highlights how one company uses Microsoft’s cloud platform to manage their applications and infrastructure.
A trained facilitator leads customers to discover the best solutions for their business and helps them experience what a hybrid cloud solution can do for their business. It is designed to be interactive, experiential, and fun.

Azure Skills Initiative