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The Dawn of Human-Computer Communication – Enterprise AI Bot

We are bot builders – our consulting practice is concentrated on quickly building intelligence that augments human abilities and experiences to build smart Chat and Voice conversationalist for your customer service, support, citizen services, case management etc. scenarios. We can get you started in a week (vs months) by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language and Machine Learning through a complete lifecycle of Bot development.



Chatbot Identity and Emotions


Conversational Design Experiences


Chatbot Engineering – API Management, Data-workflow


AI Driven Organizational Brain


Multi-Platform and Omni Channel


Human like Multi-Lingual Support


Intelligent Cognitive Services


Enterprise Application Integration

Our team of experts have built an intuitive bot intellectual property to enable organizations quickly integrate their knowledge systems. It allows faster interactions that enables employees to quickly train and deploy interactive bot applications which can detect intents and respond to customer requests in a human like manner. It is all about humans with machines – as each excels and compliments each other.

We utilize AboutXtreme’s advance analytic engine with cognitive components leveraged from Microsoft Azure and Cortana Intelligence Suite, with seamless integration with your applications and web services. We build Chatbot that are not only creative, empathetic, emotional but also has the ability to reason over large amounts of data through fast computations.

Instead of customers having to navigate to pages buried deep in complex website structures or endless search menus in business software applications, customers can easily explain what they want in simple, natural language terms – just as if they were talking to a live assistant – and get the right response, every time for varied use cases:

  • Citizen Services Bots
  • Customer Service Bots
  • Messaging Chatbots
  • Virtual Assistant Bots
  • Industry Specific (banking, retail, healthcare etc.)

Get started today using our fixed price offer. Reach out to our experts at about your next Chatbot project!