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Sharing knowledge is the best way to learn and grow, we strongly believe in fostering education outside of our commercial interests.

Charter: We are a community-run user group focused on Microsoft Hybrid Cloud eco-system. This is a volunteer effort to connect enthusiasts and professional to come together on monthly bases to discuss, learn and share knowledge on cloud computing trends. We encourage members to actively exchange ideas, experiences as we connect them with local and global communities/leaders.

To become a members please join our Online Yammer Group: https://www.yammer.com/aboutxtremeusergroup. We meet in person every third Friday of the month.

Member Benefits:
Cross collaboration, discussion among community members
Web, Android, iOS and Windows App
Presentation and video Library
Podcast & Special Events
Community Service Award
Industry and peer group collaboration

Please Sign up below to learn more about our sessions!

Webinars and Events


Please Sign up below to learn more about our sessions!