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Catalyst For Digital Transformation

As technology continues to shape our society and redefine the business landscape, it creates noise and confusion. We believe in the power of simplicity and help bring crystal-clear explanations to our clients as they navigate this digital brainwave. Aboutxtreme is a made-up word but serves as an inspiration: Our work is all about driving impact by extreme hard work, allowing us to be the change agent for digital disruption.

We aim to be a different kind of company, filled with passion for technology and a belief in building lasting relationships. Operating since early 2014, we are born-in-the-cloud, minority and women owned – Microsoft Gold Certified – consulting and training startup. With transcontinental operations and thousands of hours of in-house experience, our goal is to create amazing business outcomes by offering strategic and consultative services to our clients that are cost-effective, reliable and easy to execute – adding value makes change stick!

We believe in doing our part to mentor youth and illuminate their path to academic and professional success – especially women and girls who are passionate about technology who aspire to thrive in the technology industry. We’re a practice that utilizes our experience and knowledge to trigger epiphanies because they create eureka moments. As industry moves to cloud and consumption based model, we are excited to keep up and aligning to our clients priorities.


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in YOUR success – we are only useful if we help you succeed



in Microsoft Cloud Portfolio offered through experienced digital transformation professionals



to engage the way you like, with accountability of your long term success



geographical presence in North America, Europe and Asia