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Today, organizations are undergoing all sorts of transformations and the consulting industry is looking to adapt. With overnight competitors and changing cost structures, what ends up being ‘valuable’ for clients or their systems is not always obvious, know or expected. This requires a need to accelerate obsolescence and demand constant improvements.

We aim to be a different kind of company, filled with passion for technology and a belief in building lasting relationships. Since the early 2014, we have helped our clients with new business technologies through communications, training and consulting that have allowed them to achieve their goals in smart, timely and cost-effective ways – adding value makes change stick!

We are ‘born in the cloud’, nimble Microsoft focused pure play startup, with multi-country operations and thousands of collective nerd hours experience. Our goal is to create amazing outcomes and we take pride in having a solution focused approach to help our customer realize their full potential. As industry moves to cloud and consumption based model, we are excited about keeping pace and aligning to our clients priorities.

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Client Testimonial

We recently engaged about xtreme for Cloud transformational engagement. Not only was the delivery flawless, but what I loved that they went extra mile and spend time upfront understanding our business requirement, pain and then went through the exercise of mapping it to the Azure Services. The information we received with a clear roadmap of solution and their services was very helpful, will definitely engage them again!
Michelle Philp, Hundrex Technology Corporation
It was a great experience with SCCM deployment workshop, the consultant had a good understanding of the product and provided my team the necessary details which made it very relevant for us. We found it easy to engage and work with their sales and delivery team.
Walter Longman, Fisher Weis LLC