Chatbot: What is a chatbot?


Chatbots: What are chatbots and why would YOU want one?

Chatbots, by now you’ve heard of them, in fact, you’ve probably already used one.

Chatbots have become part of our day-to-day routine, often they can be designed to simulate natural conversation so convincingly, you think you are actually “talking” with a real person.

So what exactly IS a chatbot? How does it work? Why would you want to consider using one for your organization? Let’s dive into these chatbot topics in today’s article.

What is a Chatbot?


There are many names for chatbots … virtual assistant, conversational interfaces, automated chat. They leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technology to emulate human conversation. They can leverage multiple electronic channels to communicate with constituents, employees, customers, WHOEVER needs to be communicated with! Additionally, they are a cost-effective and scalable tool that can improve and personalize user experience.

Chatbots Can Be Configured in a Number of ways

what is a chatbot
Chatbots can be built from simple to complex. Let’s spend a bit of time getting acquainted with some examples:

Simple FAQ Responses
Pros: Just ask a question and get a programed answer. This type is quick to develop.
Cons: This type of chatbot can’t expand beyond the conversation scenarios you’ve programmed.

Menu-Driven Conversations


Pros: Manages a more complex conversation.
Cons: Longer design time and more complex programming effort is required.

Natural Language-based Chatbot

Pros: These chatbots utilize customizable keywords, AI, and ML to determine the response. They are highly intelligent, allowing them to learn and grow over time.
Cons: The chatbot can become confused if the questions and answers are too similar.

Chatbot of Today


Pros: Leverages the advantages of all three previous chatbots.
Cons: This chatbot takes the most development time.

The 5 Benefits of Chatbots

There are many benefits to using chatbots. Here are just a few:

1. Chatbots Save Time

ChatbotThis is one of the greatest benefits to using chatbots. When you have automation in place, there is a noticeable savings of time. This is especially prevalent in the handling of common questions that customers ask without having to go through a live person for answers.

2. Chatbots Save Money

chatbotChatbots not only save you time but also money. Your staff can focus on more important tasks and have the chatbots without having to field phone calls and answer redundant questions, in the long run, chatbots will improve productivity and save you money.

3. Chatbots provide 24/7 service to your clients

chatbotYour chatbot is always working, even after hours! Having a chatbot in place provides immediate service and improves customer satisfaction.

4. Chatbots improve overall customer experience

chatbotWe’ve all experienced inconsistent customer service and human error at some point, leaving us frustrated. With a chatbot, customers receive quick answers and quality service every time. The fact that a chatbot can service a client in their native language is a bonus as well.

5. Chatbots help relieve stress and workloads on your staff

chatbotThere are two ways chatbots can assist your staff. An internal chatbot can provide answers to questions for your team when they are on the phone with customers. Additionally, the 24/7 ability of chatbots, can answer many questions on off-hours. This reduces the number of emails that have to be addressed before your staff can truly begin their day. By eliminating that challenge, staff are less stressed and their workloads start off lighter. Less workload and stress = a happy and productive team.

Who is a chatbot for?

State and local government agencies

chatbotAt local and state government agencies, chatbots are used to give citizens access to public data, provide them with a way to pay their taxes, bills, licensing fees, and more. It can also assist constituents in their native language.

Educational facilities

chatbotIn an educational facility, some examples of how a chatbot is able to help students includes: assistance with online course registration, provide them with timetable access, supply tuition/fees information, and it is also capable of acting as a teacher’s assistant as well.


For the healthcare industry, patients can get answers to commonly asked questions, look up information on their medication, schedule medical appointments, refill prescriptions, obtain test results and more.


chatbotChatbots are great for communicating with your customers on details such as order status, location, business hours, and inventory. They can use your customers’ language and the preferred channel.

What does a typical AI Chatbot Journey look like?

building a chatbot

building a chatbot


Let’s face it, today, messaging has become the preferred method of client communication over the phone and email. If you’re looking to improve the overall customer experience, a chatbot might be the perfect fit for you.

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