Bot Solutions

Make your customers talk to your applications, devices or systems in a human like intelligent natural language!

Built on aboutxtreme’s advance analytic engine with cognitive components leveraged from Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite, our tools and platform enables seamless integration with your applications and web services. Enable instant customer interaction from any sales and service channel or simply log a help desk ticket. Improve customer satisfaction and sense customer voice intelligently.

Our team of artificial intelligent experts have built an intuitive bot platform to enable organizations to quickly integrate their knowledge systems. It allows faster interactions that enables employees to quickly train and deploy interactive bot applications which can detect intents and respond to customer requests in a human like manner. Instead of customers having to navigate to pages buried deep in complex website structures or endless search menus in business software applications, customers can easily explain what they want in simple, natural language terms – just as if they were talking to a live assistant – and get the right response, every time. Some of the core solutions our platform offers:

Better interactive customer experience vs traditional search – Our intelligent virtual assistants can dynamically interpret, understand and respond to online customer requests for help and information gathering. Customers can explain what they want in simple, natural language terms to get the desired result through any channel where ever they are. Our solution is designed to offer a unique valuable experience giving each customer a high sense of satisfaction.

Reduce your call center volume – With first-time resolution rates of over 90% and above, your customers will love your web-based assistant and return to them every time they have a question. Interactive bot applications could be perfect for initial customer support to troubleshoot common problems such as account administration, password reset or seeking general advice. With interactive experience, your customers will return and ask questions which will improve your customer engagement. It will reduce the typical call volume to the support center and with additional support channels will bring significant cost savings to your organization.