Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.

We are our future. Working on a common goal, we want to achieve big dreams and to develop the modern world of technology. aboutxtreme is the place where you feel comfortable and happy, the place where you find good friends, real fun, the huge amount of new information, new knowledge and experience. We see the future in the development of modern technology by great people multi-country operational offices who live up to their true potential and will accomplish their dreams to real life!

What is abouxtreme team like?

Small team of ambitious professionals that are passionate about new technologies and innovations. We are a group of supporters who shares company’s values and goals and are proud of everyone in our team and what we do. Committed to developing our amazing talent in-house, and we empower staff at every level of the company to think like entrepreneurs. We offer work that challenges and makes a difference within a flexible and supportive environment, so you can help our customers achieve their dreams and aspirations!

Perks & Benefits

We care about each employee and want each of our employee to succeed with us. We are interested in making our working environment enriching for all and try to create lasting opportunities:

  • No-cap compensation bonus – We are interested in development and career growth of our employees.
  • Paid vacation –  In our company, you will have 20 days of paid vacation after working in the company for a year.
  • Birthday treat – get an extra day of vacation during your week of your birthday.
  • Continuous improvement – gives each employee a chance to improve their skills and offers access to courses, workshops and conferences.
  • Flexible working – provides employees the choice to work where they can focus and have fun.
  • Tons of challenges – One of the most interesting things in life are challenges. Be sure here you will have a lot of exciting projects and will grow every day.
  • Friendly and loyal team – Our team is our treasure. We are a group of active, full of energy people, with the same views and love to our work.

You are a decision away from a totally rewarding career, become part of our vibrant organization, apply online today!

Current Job Postings

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    Sales & Marketing | Seattle, WA or West Region Metro Area

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  2. Sales Growth Hacker – Business Development Executive

    Sales & Marketing | Washington, D.C or East Region Metro Area

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  3. Sales Growth Hacker – Business Development Executive

    Sales & Marketing | Chicago, IL or Central Region Metro Area

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